Fuel Pro 482

Product Features

The Fuel Pro 482 is customized specifically for the Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15 and DD16 Engines

Fuel Pro 482 Key Features:
  • Aluminum Body, Isoplast Cover and Collar; Same Concept as Fuel Pro 382
  • Integrated Bracket
  • Fuel In and Out Left Side
  • Low Restriction Check Valve
  • Bypass Valve for Low Pressure Pump Protection
  • Current Production Fuel Pro Drain
  • 7 Micron Filter Element
  • Internal Volume = 2205 ml (.58 Gallons)
  • Dry Weight = 10.35 lbs
  • Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15 and DD16 Engines
    • Freightliner
    • Western Star
Models and Options
  • Base Model: Unheated
  • Electric pre-heater Options (Heaters can be combined if desired)
    • 12 VDC pre-heater
    • 24 VDC pre-heater
    • 120 VAC overnight heater

The combination of the clear cover on top, the EleMax filter cartridge and the Statapore filter media ensure better water separation, longer filter life and provide instant visual diagnostics of fuel quality to protect engine system components.

Extended Filter Life

Change the filter only when the fuel reaches the black band on the filter wrap. As the fuel rises inside the filter cover, the vapor pressure relief valve on the cap equalizes pressure and allows more of the filter media to be used.

The color of the fuel and the filter media is not an indication of when to change the filter as there is still unused media under the filter wrap.

Fuel Heating

With multiple fuel heating options, the Fuel Pro 482 will keep you on the road in the harshest winter conditions. Electric pre-heaters warm the fuel once the ignition key is turned. Overnight heaters can be used to keep the fuel inside the Fuel Pro warm when the temperatures drop.

Fuel Pro 482 Specifications

Fuel Pro 482 Specifications pdf format

Height Overall  14 in (355.6 mm)
Depth Overall  6.58 in (167.1 mm)
Width, Max.  8.35 in (212.1 mm)
Mount Bracket Centers  3.940 in (100.1 mm)
Weight, Dry  10-12 lbs
Fuel In Connection  1/2 in-14 NPTF
Fuel Out Connection  1/2 in-14 NPTF
Filter Service Clearance Min  3.5 in (88.9 mm)
Max. Fuel Flow  180 gph
Electric Pre-heater  12 VDC, 250 W, 18 A
Overnight heater 120 VAC, 75 W, .65 A 


Service Parts and Wrenches

Heater and WIF Identification



Fuel Pro 482, 483, 485, 487, 488, and Shop Pro FXP

OD of collar: 8"

Metal wrench: P/N 482017DAV 

metal 8 in

Heavy Duty: P/N 488001DAV

3/8" thick. Use with a 3/8" socket wrench drive.

Tightening the collar with the wrench: Simultaneously apply downward pressure to the top of the clear cover until it is seated on the body of the Fuel Pro and hand tighten the collar until it no longer spins freely. Torque the cover assembly by rotating the collar clockwise three additional ribs using the collar wrench (~18 ft-lbs).

Service Parts with DAVCO Part Numbers
Fuel Pro 482 bypass valve, P/N DVC482010SVC

bypass valve

Fuel Pro 482 Collar, P/N DVC482003


Fuel Pro 482 Cover Service Kit, P/N DVC482044, includes collar, vent cap, vent cap o-ring, cover, and spring

cover service kit

Fuel Pro 482 Drain Valve, P/N DVC102008


Fuel Pro 482 O-ring Service Kit, P/N DVC482022, includes both vent cap o-ring and collar o-ring

Fuel Pro 482 Spring, P/N DVC380056


Service Parts

Service Parts are available through your OEM Dealer. To find a dealer near you, consult the OEM website. The links below will take you outside of the DAVCO website.

Cummins Filtration

Detroit Diesel Corportation


Hino Trucks



Mack Trucks



Volvo Trucks


DAVCO recommends using only EleMax filters.

Patented vapor relief valve and half wrap: The patented filter half-wrap and calibrated vapor pressure relief valve are integral parts of the filter assembly, ensuring maximum filter life

Filter Change Level: Change the EleMax filter element when the fuel level reaches the top of the filter

Micron Rating: Identifies the micron rating of the EleMax filter

StrataPore ™ Media: Three layers of patented laminated melt blown media inherently strips emulsified water from the fuel and increases dirt holding capacity

micron Filer Type Brand and P/N
7 EleMax Fleetguard FS19915
7 EleMax Detroit Diesel A0000903651

Product Literature

Model Number Identifier

482 Fuel Pro 482
485 Fuel Pro 485
487 Fuel Pro 487
9 Current Series
50 Unheated 
51 Unheated with WIF 
52 12VDC 195W pre-heater
53 12VDC 195W pre-heater and WIF 
54 24VDC 195W pre-heater 
55 24VDC 195W pre-heater and WIF 
58 12VDC 155W pre-heater
59 12VDC 155W pre-heater and WIF
60 120VAC 75W overnight heater
61 120VAC 75W overnight heater and WIF 
62 12VDC 195W pre-heater and 120VAC 75W overnight heater 
63 12VDC 195W pre-heater, 120VAC 75W overnight heater, and WIF 
64 24VDC 195W pre-heater and 120VAC 75W overnight heater
65 24VDC 195W pre-heater, 120VAC 75W overnight heater, and WIF 
68 12VDC 155W pre-heater and 120VAC 75W overnight heater
69 12VDC 155W pre-heater, 120VAC 75W overnight heater, and WIF
OEM Suffix Identifier
MAK Mack 
MTU Tognum America
NAV Navistar
PAC Paccar 
VOL Volvo 
KIT Retrofit Kit
VOL Volvo 
Special Features
R Voss
Custom Features
  Has one or more  custom features
Micron Filter Rating
-7 7 Micron