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DAVCO Technology, LLC
1600 Woodland Drive
Saline, MI 48176-1629


FAX: 734-429-0741

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DAVCO has a reputation for excellent customer service. Call for questions about ordering, technical support, parts, and other questions.

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Please refer to diagnostics, return policies and warranty Information before contacting DAVCO. You can contact customer service with questions regarding returns.

Regional Sales and Service Managers "RSM"


Contact a sales manager in your area for information about specifications and applications.

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  Regional Sales and Service Manager Cell Phone Email
West Coast, West of Rockies, Western Canada Joel Ayala 734-756-5321
Northern Plains, Central Plains Canada John Garrison 734-707-5308
Rockies Jimmy Reynolds 734-740-6781
South Central Josh Rodriguez 734-890-6163
New England, Mid-Atlantic, NYC, NE Canada Jeff Sell 734-365-3406
Great Lakes, Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec Richard Smallwood 734-585-6992
South East Guerry Williams 734-780-4902