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Fuel filtration solutions that exceed the demands of commercial marine applications.

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When uptime is paramount, DAVCO delivers 5-minute, no-hassle filter changes for reduced downtime. Engineered specifically for push boats, ferries, shipping vessels, tugs, commercial fishing, and other workboat applications. DAVCO offers solutions for engines up to 110-liter displacement. For off-shore power generation, emergency power options are available. The Sea Pro® Duplex system allows for changing filters with the engines running for continuous movement and staying on course.

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“With the help of Guerry Williams and Dan Ruppel, we found an answer to our long history of fuel contamination issues. With their expert help they have helped install “DAVCO” fuel filter units on all of our new and near new trucks. The DAVCO units are capturing the contaminants that were collecting in the OEM filter housings and filters, causing engine shut down and performance problems. While we can’t control the cleanliness of the fuel dispensed in our tanks, we are now able to clean it up before it reaches the critical components in the engine fuel systems. All new trucks that come into our fleet now are being specked with appropriately sized DAVCO units if the OEM has that option.”
Gordon Jaynes
Fleet Maintenance Superintendent
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