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DAVCO Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center

Seeing is believing® – today, tomorrow, and in the future

For 45 years and counting, DAVCO has created innovative products designed to lead the category. Focused on the future, DAVCO is developing telematics manufacturing for the commercial transportation industry.

DAVCO is the exclusive provider of telematics hardware for Clarience Technologies’ Road Ready and Fleetilla brands. DAVCO builds every proprietary sensor that enables Road Ready and Fleetilla’s advanced telematics solutions at our Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center in Saline, Michigan. Our business leverages collective technical expertise, industry experience, and operational scale needed for the future of transportation​.

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DAVCO’s Electronics’ Manufacturing Portfolio

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Working at technology speed. Delivering with trusted quality

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DAVCO SMT line capabilities provide an end-to-end solution for customers:

· Engineering and design for circuit boards and circuit board assemblies
· Printed circuit board assembly
· Laser marker for laser engraving 2D bar codes
· Pick and place machine
· Solder paste inspection
· Reflow oven
· Automated optical inspections (AOI) with hi-zoom camera for component verification
· Flying probe completed electrical checks
· Conformal coat line for UV coating for corrosion protection
· Agile and customized kitting to meet customer specifications and configurations
· Testing and validation throughout the SMT line

Dedicated DAVCO employees carefully creating products

American engineering. Home-grown solutions.

DAVCO electronics products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Having all DAVCO operations housed in one location, including engineering, manufacturing, quality, and warranty allows DAVCO to easily and efficiently provide solutions designed to customer needs.

DAVCO recently made multiple sizable investments on the SMT line, increasing capacity by 40%. DAVCO electronics manufacturing is ISO 14001 certified.

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