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Diesel Pro® Series

With advanced technology media, the Diesel Pro® series offers industry-leading service intervals, extending filter life while protecting your valuable equipment.

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Hard-working filtration. Industrial grade.

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Capable of handling fuel flow rates up to 60 gallons per hour, Diesel Pro® filtration systems feature a rugged housing specifically designed for medium-duty applications, including school buses, class 4, 5, and 6 trucks, pickup trucks, refrigeration units, and biodiesel applications.  

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“Part of the training new professional drivers receive from Boyle Transportation includes the DAVCO “SEEING IS BELIEVING®” concept, so professional drivers understand what and when a filter may be nearing the end of its service life. Another obvious benefit of a primary filter, is to protect and extend the service life of the secondary filters. Boyle Transportation has been completely satisfied with the DAVCO 482 Fuel Pro and will continue specifying this filter long into the future.”
Benjamin T. Curtis
Fleet Manager, Boyle Transportation
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