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Shop Pro® Series

The Shop Pro® is a multipurpose shop floor tool, custom designed to remove water and contaminants from diesel fuel tanks, transfer diesel fuel, and prime heavy duty diesel engines.

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What makes the Shop Pro® unique is that it can be used to prime heavy duty diesel engines using on-board fuel with no need to use additional fuel to prime. The Shop Pro® FXP is engineered for diesel engines, cleaning fuel tanks, and transferring fuel with filtration. The Shop Pro® ST is a 12V, more compact version engineered for use on service trucks on the go.

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“The DAVCO is an easy add on that is very easily monitored. When the filter does need to be replaced it takes my technicians about five minutes to completely service this unit. We have seen a significant reduction in the amount of fuel related problems on all the buses that we added the DAVCO product to. The DAVCO system is now part of our specification build sheet for purchasing new buses.”
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