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Discover unparalleled efficiency and peak performance for your commercial marine applications with Sea Pro®. DAVCO’s steel erosion-treated body is engineered to excel in the most demanding marine environment. The Sea Pro® 882’s plex’ing capability allows for a seamless 5-minute filter change while the engine is operational.

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“Boyle Transportation started specifying the DAVCO 382 Fuel Pro Filter on Detroit Diesel, Series 60 motors in Freightliner, Century Class tractors in 2001. At that time, water was the primary concern in any fuel injection system. As emission standards changed and injection pressures increased substantially, micron ratings dropped dramatically, the DAVCO Fuel Pro became the primary filter preventing water and microscopic particles from damaging the ever smaller passages in the modern day common rail fuel injection system.”
Benjamin T. Curtis
Fleet Manager, Boyle Transportation
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