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Data Center Keeps Power Constant with New Fuel Filtration

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Data centers require constant power to keep their IT infrastructure operational, and some data centers rely on generators to provide that source of power. For one data center, that meant every time one of their generators needed servicing, the entire unit had to be shut off, disconnecting power to the computers. Recently, a data center received a bad batch of fuel causing the Stage 1 fuel filter to plug prematurely. In order to service the unit, the center had to shut down their generator to replace the filter. Without an operational generator, power to their computers was also disconnected, impacting their operations. Unfortunately, inconsistency in fuel quality is common. Due to this situation, it is important for data centers to recognize they needed both proper fuel filtration in addition to the ability to service the generator without disconnecting power.

Quick Facts

Client: Technology Center

Application: Large Data Center

Location: Southeastern U.S.

Product: Industrial Pro® Tall Duplex

Engine: Cummins QSK60 Tier 2


The data center decided to explore other filtration solutions and came across the DAVCO Industrial Pro® series. When a bad batch of fuel enters, they can isolate the filter that is plugged and continue to run the generator while servicing. Instead of relying on a single filter, the duplex version contains two filters that feature advanced filter media, providing extra protection from dirty fuel.


The long-term benefits of changing to the duplex filter system centered around the isolation valves. These valves allowed the isolation of the filters for servicing without having to shut the unit down. Upgrading to the Industrial Pro® series extended service intervals to 1000 hours and beyond while providing extra protection from advanced filter media.

Benefits of Upgrading to DAVCO’s Industrial Pro® Series:

  • Peace of mind from not losing power while changing out the fuel water separator elements
  • Extended service intervals: 2x as long as previous filters
  • Extra Protection against fuel contaminants though advanced filter media