Date Published: October 18, 2022

DAVCO Technology Launches New Shop Pro FXP Series Designed Specifically to Increase Uptime for Fleets

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Saline, Michigan (October 18, 2022) – DAVCO Technology, the North American leader in fuel-water separators and a Clarience Technologies company, today announced the launch of the Shop Pro FXP 95 — the latest version of its well-known Shop Pro product, now redesigned with the needs of modern fleets in mind.

“Today’s fleets want to work smarter, better, and faster,” said Joe Schaffer, Director of Engineering at DAVCO. “The new Shop Pro FXP Series takes a holistic approach in helping fleets achieve this goal. First, by enhancing the quality of the equipment itself, and second by improving the ease-of-use for technicians in the field.”

New Filtration Technology and Ergonomic Design Are Hallmarks of New Shop Pro Series

Shop Pro FXP products use the same three-layer filtration technology that is utilized in DAVCO’s newest Fuel Pro models providing better filtering and removal of contaminated fuel, sediment, and water, when transferring fuel or cleaning fuel tanks. The three layer technology strips water from outside the media with two inside stripping operations, including a coalescent layer and a hydrophobic layer. This ensures no water will pass thru the filter, even ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel, which are difficult to separate.

In addition to the improved performance of the product, the Shop Pro FXP is also 44 pounds lighter and 15 percent more compact than the previous version. It’s in these features that DAVCO’s creative approach to uptime shines through.

“When fleets think of uptime, they often think of preventative maintenance through telematics and other monitoring devices,” said Schaffer. “While this is a key component of uptime, simplifying operations related to required manual maintenance is critical to getting diesel trucks back on the road faster.”

Seeing is Believing: True Then, Now, and Later

DAVCO’s quest to streamline operations for fleets began long before it’s latest product innovation. Launched in 1993, DAVCO’s Fuel Pro and Diesel Pro products introduced a never-before-seen clear-top filter that offered immediate visual inspection of fuel condition and available filter life. Today, customers ask for the clear top by name, and it’s this transparency that has earned DAVCO the trust of top fleets.

Recently, DAVCO has been using these customer relationships to not only continue innovating for diesel customers, but also to support the transition to an electric and autonomous future of trucking.

In January 2022, DAVCO announced a $3.5 million investment in its Saline, Michigan, campus to create an Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center, extending its manufacturing capabilities into advanced electronics technologies that will become more prevalent with electric-powered commercial vehicles. The state-of-the-art facility sits adjacent to the existing DAVCO manufacturing facility and is currently producing telematics hardware for another Clarience Technologies company, Road Ready.

Yet, DAVCO’s main focus for the immediate future will be innovations for diesel-powered vehicles like that of the new Shop Pro FXP Series — given that most fleets will continue to operate diesel trucks in some capacity for at least the next decade.

The company is expected to continue making improvements to its existing product lines throughout the next year.

About DAVCO  

DAVCO is the North American leader in Class 8 heavy-duty diesel-powered truck fuel-heater/water separators and filter systems. In addition to the popular Fuel Pro® line, DAVCO also produces the Diesel Pro® for medium trucks, Sea Pro® for marine applications, Industrial Pro® models for off-road applications and a line of industrial automatic oil replenishment systems, with regulators, slow flow meters, and fluid level switches. The Shop Pro is a multi-purpose shop floor and service truck tool for priming diesel engines, removing fuel from fuel system components, sweeping diesel fuel tanks and transferring diesel fuel between storage tanks. DAVCO products are designed for tough commercial applications including On and Off-Highway, Industrial, Gen Set, Construction, Military and Marine.

About Clarience Technologies

Clarience Technologies focuses on developing vehicle and fleet management technology innovations for the commercial vehicle, passenger car, recreational off-road machine and pleasure craft markets. Through our data and insights, we improve fleet management, streamline supply chain management and enhance safety on and off the road. Since our Truck-Lite brand introduced the first sealed marker light in 1955, our companies have unveiled a steady stream of innovations that have turned customers into long-term partners. Today, Clarience Technologies is a global company known for its quality and dedication to sustainability – and to providing the technologies that keep our world moving forward. Learn more at

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